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stop sending my girlfriend shit about nudes you sick sad little bastards

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I chose to be a female character in Destiny and am fuckin cute as hell aye 😎✌️

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Anonymous: You and your girlfriend are so cute omfg

Thank you aw

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I’m close to 1.8k and I really want to reach it so promo time 
✯ mbf me …,..obviously but ok
✯ reblogs only likes don’t count 
✯ Must get 40+ notes or I will cry 
✯ Picking 10ish of the cool blogs & faves bolded ( I’ll be checking out all so I’ll probably follow some of u anyway)
✯ If 100+ notes I’ll do categories & screenies/individual promos
✯ Ends when I reach 1.8k 
✯ u should pretty please reblog this & good luck losers